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Trial Lesson Information:

A one time trial lesson is available for two hours for $40.

Fall and Spring Semester Options *
Little Picasso: 36 lessons per school year ($25/hr) Junior Prep & Portfolio Prep: 36 lessons per school year ($25/hr) Intensive Portfolio Prep: 40 weeks per school year ($30/hr)
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Student Name
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Please list the name of the EC, a phone number, and the relation to the student
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Please refer to the second image above Full payment (5% discount) Two payments (3% discount) (Sept | Jan) Installment Plan (one installment payment is required for deposit, This will be credited for the month of June.)
Credit Card Auto Payment Information
If you would like to come in person or call on the phone to pay for your child, call 703-399-1014
For online registrations, call or text your Student's Name, Expiration Date, and CVV number to 703-399-1014
Again, if you'd rather do the entire credit card processing via the phone or in person, call the number above!