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The Little Picasso and Portfolio Prep, established in 1995, is a private institution devoted to expanding the artistic abilities of students of all ages.

Our school is divided into three customized departments that vary by age and artistic goals: The Little Picasso, the Junior Prep, and the Portfolio Prep.

The Little Picasso is a weekly program for students from preschool to third grade. The course provides step-by-step instruction through a yearly curriculum catered to each student’s skill level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

The Junior Prep class is also a weekly program ranging from students from the fourth to seventh grade. This program transitions students from requiring step-by-step instruction to maturing their ability to skillfully and confidently express their artistic imagination by creating unique pieces of art.

The Portfolio Prep a program is tailored to high school students, college students, and adults preparing their portfolio for college admissions. Each student receives professional instruction and critique while creating their unique pieces. The class is designed to assist students in building strong complete portfolios for college admissions not only art school and architecture school, but also as a supplemental extracurricular portfolio for other majors. The instructors provide assistance on a personal level, ensuring that each student presents the highest quality work. Helping students exhibit their skills is the main focus of this program. Students who have participated in this program have been very successful in gaining admission to the college programs of their choice.

Our three programs specialize in fine arts but our studio instruction also focuses on still life, landscape, figure drawing, design, collage, sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, and mixed media. These mediums prepare students for fields in Architecture, Graphic Design, Fashion, Industrial and Product Design, Illustration, and fields of art.

We hope that this provides a helpful introduction to our school. If you have any other questions or would like to request a brochure, please feel free to call us or E-mail us.

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June Yun
Head Director
Little Picasso SVA